Ko Wai Tōu Ingoa Hauora

ngā ratonga

Our Services


Rangatahi Service

Our young people are the leaders of tomorrow, and we are dedicated in assisting them at reaching their full potential.

We cater to the needs of tamariki and rangatahi aged 5 to 24-years, offering mentorship to help build resilience in safe, and well-supported environments.

We are enthusiastic about their futures, so they grow to be confident individuals with a voice. And we think that it’s all about listening to them, gaining their viewpoint on what they want and helping them overcome some of the social and emotional barriers in their way.

Whānau Service

We support individuals & groups aged 24 to 60, providing them with the tools; advice and reasoning, so they become insightful, empowered and change-motivated.

We draw on their talents whilst ensuring they have a safe and brave space to nurture that, our service to whānau ensures that they get the best support from us.

We are aware of the myriad of challenges whānau face in their daily lives and so, we provide individual and family life education and support to enhance independence, self-determination, and family functioning.

Kāhui Pakeke Service

We support the elderly aged 60+ who are vulnerable, isolated and lack access to services and support. We offer a pickup and drop-off service, do activities such as exercises, rāranga-weaving, waiata and companionship.

Most importantly, we look at ways to help improve the quality of life of our aged clients. We promote dignity, wellbeing, equity and respect while offering expert information and additional support services in response to their specific needs.

We are active and vocal on relevant issues ensuring they stay connected with their family, friends and community.

Takatāpui Service

We want to provide a platform for takatāpui and fa’afafine to be their authentic selves in a safe environment, while inspiring them to become empowered and develop resilience so they can easily overcome their personal struggles and help those in the rainbow community too.

This is about walking alongside our rainbow community so they feel supported, validated and accepted.

Suicide Pre/ postvention Support

Suicide Pre/postvention Support

Sadly, hundreds of people in New Zealand take their lives every year. The pain and deep loss felt by those left behind is incomprehensible. At Ko Wai Tou Ingoa Hauora we understand the countless challenges people face every day, such as: but not limited to

  • Childhood trauma;
  • Sexual abuse;
  • Physical and spousal abuse;
  • Addiction;
  • poverty;
  • Food insecurity;
  • Joblessness;
  • Housing shortages;
  • Mental anguish and stigma;
  • Marginalized demographics.

As part of our other services, we discuss and work to mitigate many of the issues facing our whānau. When people think about not wanting to live anymore, they often don’t ask for help for fear of being judged. However, we want to reassure people that we would rather support them in their dark times than support someone who loved them when they lose you.

We are also there in the aftermath of a loss. We provide grief & loss support through our Ngā Ngaru programme specifically designed to help loved ones come to terms with, and help them move forward after losing a loved one to suicide. We’re available Hawkes Bay-wide 24/7 on 0223953588.